Crickets singing simply out of sight

Nervous and sweet music

Calling me home


Dim lighting emanating from the large panels of glass

I see boys from the high school studying

Late into the night

Baristas closing up shop


Blades of glass tickle my feet

I think of the thousands of words

That sit inside

Still unread by my soft eyes


I look back up at the stars

Staring back in time

Dim pinpricks of light

Shining through ripped fabric

I see all of the words I have ever read

And made my own.

This is my past as well as my future.




I’m sick of people saying misogyny and sexism is dead, that feminism isn’t necessary, and men & women are equal. I wish these statements were true, but they are not.

The leaders of the free world (American government representatives) are mostly male, and mostly white males at that. A lot of the diversity of backgrounds and identifications comes from the women. In 2017, 19.4% of the 535 members of senate are females. Only 6 out of the 50 governors are female, and one of these governors, Kate Brown, is the first openly LGBT governor. We still have yet to have a female president, but it seems unhopeful to have a favorable female elected when women in other political positions make up a minority. If men and women are supposedly equal, why do females only make up a small part of our law makers and politicians? If women, a group who make up roughly half of the U.S. population, have yet to become represented to their fullest potential, when will more marginalized groups like LGBT+ and immigrants be properly represented? I think everyone should be given a fair amount of representation, and that is definitely not where America is currently at.

Before I go on further, I think we have great representatives and politicians who try their best to stand by all walks of life. I’m also not suggesting that people should vote based on somebody’s privilege, race, gender, heritage, or identification; however, statically speaking, Americans have repetitively voted for straight white males for many government positions. This undoubtedly shows bias. The common excuse for this is not enough females or people from underrepresented groups are attempting to run. While this may or may not be true, people fail to explain the underlying cause of this excuse.

Don’t blame the players, blame the game. Males have advantages that females do not have every single day. Here is a prime example: if a man and woman who happen to both be famous politicians, have consensual sex, the aftermath is quite different for the two if this hookup were to be leaked to the press. The man might face a question or two, but it would be unlikely that he faces harassment. He is then applauded and shown to the public as “a man with game”. The woman, however, would probably be called a “whore” and/or portrayed as somebody who has a reputation for sleeping around. The man might sleep with a different woman every night, but he would rarely be condemned for it. Why? I could say ‘because society is just like this’, but that is a very vague statement. I think the ability to have sex is an adult privilege, one that communicates that somebody is in control of themselves. Sex is an expression of power and control  over yourself to do whatever you want. Therefore, I applaud women for taking control of themselves and their bodies, and doing whatever the hell they please. Though if you are a woman, a lot of society doesn’t agree with me. That girl from my example, let’s say she wasn’t famous and the man was, she would be marked as a “whore”. She might be able to sell some air time or a book about her sexual escapades, but finding a job after an incident like this would be extremely difficult because when employers search her name, the internet shows countless articles talking about her immorality. Remember Monica Lewinsky? She was on tract to have a respected job at the white house and now she admitted that very few employers will even consider her for a job interview. Bill Clinton? Don’t worry about him! He is still living the life and having his life documented to entertain the world.

So yes, I used an analogy about sex to help you understand that males do, indeed, have certain privileges and respect woman do not yet have. But you got it: men and women are simply not equal in today’s world.

I applaud the women who are chasing their dreams, especially the ones who dream to become successful politicians. I have a friend who has that dream and is currently spending her summer scanning, delivering, and throwing away papers for our state’s senator. She is trying to understand the political world and knows she must take one step at a time. But really, it takes one step at a time for a woman. Why is it that a president who has no political experience just got elected president? Societal inequalities. He is male, white, and straight. Yes, people still judge others based on their privileges or lack thereof; and he is proof of that. Many great women have attempted that same thing and worked their asses off to get where they were, and, obviously, failed. After losing a presidential race, they’re done. That’s a real inspiration for hardworking women and minorities… It almost shows them that no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to compete with a man.

I ask you to take a step back and compare daily situations between men and women. Small situations an easily turn into an inhibitor for a women and an advantage for man. Additionally, equality is not just about paper- it’s about the moments that seem as if they are the simplest parts of life to the best and all that is between. Societal inequalities are taking down females, but we need to start focusing energy toward bridging that gap. I think empowering people to go for whatever their heart desires and never judging anyone based off anything that is not their morality is exactly what we as society need to try out best to do. We won’t be perfect at it, I know I’m not, but if we at least put forth a conscious effort, change can and will be made. We need to change the game.

fearing your future

fearing your future

For a long time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Thinking about the future scared the hell out of me. Thinking about college? Forget it. I would almost rather work hard getting ready for college than actually thinking about applying. Getting a job? How would I ever find one that fulfilled me enough to stay interested in? These worries and more used to weigh me down every day. It’s like I was carrying a huge weight over my shoulders, and each anxious thought bowed my head even more until I couldn’t even be confident in me anymore.

The best way to eradicate fear of the future is to be present. You have to trust that your future won’t be perfect. It will have thorns and bumps in the road, and along your path you will find unexpected happiness and bliss as well as sorrow and despair. All of those worries about the future won’t stop bumps along the road from happening. My point is, see how you are now. If you’re scared that you won’t find your passion, try new things

I have always known that I wanted to help others when I grew up, but didn’t know how. I was absolutely sure that I wouldn’t have the stomach to be inside a hospital. Blood? No thanks, I thought. However, I have ended up working at an animal hospital, and have absolutely loved being there. Each day, I keep coming back.

I may still be unsure if my passion is fit for a specific job in my future, but at least I’ve gotten out there. I’ve tried. I’ve done something out of my comfort zone, and it’s opened me up to a new path of possibilities.

appreciate the unconditional love

appreciate the unconditional love

It’s easy to forget that there’s people who love you when you’re stuck inside a pit of despair, scratching the walls, desperate for a way out. It’s easy to only look up at the rest of the world and forget that you have people that have climbed down into that hole to be beside you.

The other day, it began to dawn on me that the people who love you don’t always blatantly say it. It’s not always said out loud. People can be just like animals in that way. My canine companion, Cooper, has never told me that he loves me and yet I know with every cell in my body that he cares for me above anyone else. When I’m alone in my corner, he licks my tears, probably because he likes tasting salt but maybe because he knows I’m upset. When I come home after a full day of work, he’s waiting. He can’t tell me that he missed me, but his tail wagging so fast it’s a blur, his constant barking and whining until I take him up in my arms, all tell me that he was lonely without me. When I leave, his sad eyes follow me through the glass door, watching me driving away from him. The worst part is that he never knows if I’m coming back for him.

People leave. It’s the obvious truth. Hard times hit. Tragedies occur, but you have to remember who’s living them with you. Who isn’t afraid to bring you ice cream when you fail a test. The people that put you in their priorities, not the ones that don’t even consider you one. I might be rambling, but my point is that people love you. Always. And unconditionally. And that’s pretty great.