Crickets singing simply out of sight

Nervous and sweet music

Calling me home


Dim lighting emanating from the large panels of glass

I see boys from the high school studying

Late into the night

Baristas closing up shop


Blades of glass tickle my feet

I think of the thousands of words

That sit inside

Still unread by my soft eyes


I look back up at the stars

Staring back in time

Dim pinpricks of light

Shining through ripped fabric

I see all of the words I have ever read

And made my own.

This is my past as well as my future.


New Music

New Music

Rediscovered or recently discovered music that I’ve been replaying recently. There are many different genres and moods that I have these songs for, so I included which instance the song would be most fitting. I hope you enjoy!

High You Are – Branchez; a song to listen to while driving down a windy road

Another Day in Paradise- Quin XCII; a song to vibe to

Kids in Love – Kygo; a song that gives me hope

ILYSB- STRIPPED by LANY; a song to feel calm to

Stargazing – Kygo; a song for a midnight car ride

Never Be the Same – Camila Cabello; another song to vibe to

It’s Not You It’s Me – Coconut Records; my absolute favorite song to chill to or study or stretch

We Don’t Care – Borns; a song for freedom

West Coast – Coconut Records; a song for coming home

Sea of Love — Cat Power; a cover for feeling slightly more grounded in life

17 — Youth Lagoon; a calming song

Higher than High — Zayde Wolf; a song for feeling on top of the world

You Owe Me — The Chainsmokers; a song for a windy day

Microphone — Coconut Records; a song for a night curled up in front of the fire


State of Being By Miles Wilson

State of Being By Miles Wilson

Seven o’clock on a Sunday in early fall

The night is characterized by bitter blue black clouds

And the crude crashing sound of choppy waters


The atmosphere acting as a parallel to our personalities


We sit,

Stare out

At the ocean’s endless front

And laugh at each other


Frozen by the weather my heart beats

Slowly into highspeed marathon


Until lips exchange contact

And our emotions







I was born with straight, brown hair. For the longest time, I thought it was boring. I thought to myself, wow, what I would give to have hair with a story behind it. Hair that bounces and speaks something of the personality of the person it is a part of. I wanted hair that I could twirl around my finger without looking like I’m spinning spaghetti around my fork. My curly hair friends exclaimed that my hair must be so easy to brush. I thought to myself Yeah, that’s true I guess. But I still want hair the bounces and curls around my face. That must be better. It’s different from boringness of straight brown hair that looks like a mouse might share. My curly haired friends grew up and got keratin treatments to tame their manes, and I had trouble understanding it. I didn’t get why they all wanted my hair. One day, I was brushing it after getting out of the shower at a friend’s house. She was amazed that my hair dried so straight and manageable without using expensive serums or special conditioners. I had always swiped the ones from hotels because I never gave a second thought to the conditioner I used in my hair. They all left it the same: straight, with a glossy shine. I imagined all the hours my curly haired friends had spent in front of a mirror, desperately trying to get a brush unstuck. It was extra effort I didn’t even have to think about. And that my friends is exactly how privilege works. Hair might not be that serious to you, so You can apply this story as an allegory to racial privilege, heterosexual privilege, male privilege, or socioeconomic privilege. They’re things we’re born with, like our hair. But those who have the advantage at birth often don’t understand the people who don’t. It’s part of our privilege of education that we learn about it.

Taste Your Words

Taste Your Words

Things are getting bad again

Words start to feel like stones

And hugs like suffocation

While hazy moments of laughter

Cover the emptiness of my chest.

You’re not full, argues my stomach

You’re broken, says my heart

Every line that has been spoken to me

Telling me how to define myself

Comes back into my mind

Like a fog that deepens in the night.

Just keep your opinions to yourself sometimes

You’re actually smart?

No boy will want to listen to all that.

Crazy feminist bitch.

If you just worked on your stomach a little…

Try being less sensitive.

Get over yourself, it’s not all about you

Calm down, you’re being wild

You’ve been dating for 8 months, don’t you think you owe it to him?


I don’t like the way your words affect me

But I wish you tasted them too

Society Against Feline Abuse

Society Against Feline Abuse

Safa means ‘safe’ in Farsi

She explained as

We made the trek down

From the ranch house to the barn.

By the time we reached the bottom of the hill

The paint cans in our hands were boulders

And we set to work with rollers,

Covering the old wood the color of the open sky

And changing the decrepit and forgotten place

Into a home.

Four beaming eyes with pupils the size of saucers

Still slink away from me.

I know they’ve been hurting

And I know that they’re scared

But I don’t pretend to know what it feels like

To have your life in someone else’s hands.

But that’s why we’re here.

To open our arms

To make a home

To open some souls up to life.

I won’t surrender

I won’t surrender

I ask myself

Why I push you away

And why I wait for hugs to end.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because

The last time I lost myself in someone

He twisted me and then spit me back out

Because I believed in waiting.

I wasn’t ready for him to force me down

But he did and no words can bring me back to that moment

He copied me by waiting patiently

For the moment to strike.

The moment when I was slow to react.

When I accepted the culture of the party life

And being with an older guy

And losing who I was to a bottle of Malibu.

In one moment, he shoved me down

And with me, my sense of self.

No, I’m not ashamed anymore.

When I’m proud of myself now,

It’s because I fought a boy who tied my worth

To my body

A boy who disregarded my freedom with one simple hand.

So I hope you get it.

Why when someone has complete control over me

I just don’t want to surrender so easily.

So I hope you get it

Why it took me a while to like your hugs.