You are not alone, you have another pea in your pod!

This blog is run by two young women, Hannah and Maddie. They both live near the beach in Southern California and met during geometry in their freshmen year of high school. This blog was created as a way to share their thoughts, expressions, lives, and anything else they find generally interesting.

To me, every day is just another opportunity to change the world. I am a firm believer in animal rights and have been vegan for half of a year. I love spending my time staying active through dance, high school tennis, running, just getting outside and spending time in nature. Of course, college-level AP courses and extracurriculars can be time-consuming, but I always try to make time to clear my head and spend time with the people (and pets) in my life that really matter to me.

I enjoy reaching out to the community and voicing my thoughts. I am very passionate about social equality and helping the world becoming a better place. When I’m not caught up in schoolwork, I enjoy reading, dancing, drawing, and writing. Throughout all my artistic pursuits, I tend to have a whimsical and quite different perspective. Alongside whatever career I end up pursuing, I hope to be writing a novel and involved in securing better lives for young women across the globe.