it’s ok to need a break sometimes

it’s ok to need a break sometimes

Okay, here’s my rant. It’s a little discombobulated, so I’m sorry about that. But I have a point, I promise.

It’s exam season. People at school are running around like crazy trying to prepare for speaking exams for foreign languages, that last minute biology test the teacher is trying to cram in, or that research paper that’s due quite soon. Or all of the above.

Your body is a finely-tuned machine, and it knows when you’re stressed out. The physical signs of stress and emotion on the body are almost scarily precise to reflect what’s going on inside. Recently, my main sport season for high school has ended.

Recently, I’ve noticed during the off season is that I have more time for the people around me. I’ve noticed that I’m more compassionate with my relationships. Surely not everyone is like this, but it’s what I’ve noticed about myself. When I feel inundated with literary analysis presentations, in-class essays back to back in two different languages, ACT prep classes, and mile long lab reports, I’m more likely to shrug off my loved ones.

It’s quite fitting that a new season has begun, one that I am less fond of: finals. I was nearing the finish line with 2 weeks left to go. But when I developed a sickness that has stayed with me since thanksgiving, I knew it was my body fighting back. It just couldn’t take it anymore. You don’t know how many times I’ve stood in front of the mirror saying, “Just keep pushing through. You got this.” And so I did; I think I aced those in-class essays. I’m still set to take the ACT for the first time this Saturday. I turned in that lab report days early.

Yet, in the past couple of days, my body still wasn’t doing so well. Shocker, right? I lost weight unexpectedly. As it seems, maybe I should have expected it as I hadn’t been eating much with my throat making it hard to breathe. I woke up and immediately went to my doctor, in which strep, mono, and the flu were tested. You name it– she tested it. I ended up having strep throat. My body has been trying to tell me to slow down for the past ten days, and I just didn’t listen. When I had to hide in the bathroom at my friend’s birthday party because I couldn’t breathe from my cough, I didn’t listen. When I didn’t call into my job sick yesterday, I didn’t listen to my body.

What I am really trying to say is that you really should listen to your body. Listen to the people around you. If you’re spending too much time on your job or your schoolwork, think about whether your job will be taking care of you when you’re sick. Spoiler alert: it’s your friends and family, not your job.


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