Going Back… to School

Going Back… to School

On my first day of school, it felt like I was reliving freshman year. I don’t know if it was because of the changes my school has recently made, new feelings, being an upperclassmen, or just the sensation of starting a daily routine. I was kinda excited that I had these feelings instead of letting out an angsty sigh as I sat through convocation. I am also trying out this new thing where I don’t procrastinate (“You have never tried that before?!?! OMG what?”). It feels super nice to be organized and to not let school become a burden. If you were wondering, my favorite class is currently AP Statistics! In other news, I am auditioning for a dance company in about 2 weeks and I am super nervous; but I know that if I do not make the group than I will push myself to work even harder this year and if I am offered a spot to join the group, it will be an extraordinary learning experience. I am enthusiastic that I will be able to enjoy this coming year more than the past few (which certainly weren’t bad, but there are definitely improvements I can make to my life)!


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