fearing your future

fearing your future

For a long time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Thinking about the future scared the hell out of me. Thinking about college? Forget it. I would almost rather work hard getting ready for college than actually thinking about applying. Getting a job? How would I ever find one that fulfilled me enough to stay interested in? These worries and more used to weigh me down every day. It’s like I was carrying a huge weight over my shoulders, and each anxious thought bowed my head even more until I couldn’t even be confident in me anymore.

The best way to eradicate fear of the future is to be present. You have to trust that your future won’t be perfect. It will have thorns and bumps in the road, and along your path you will find unexpected happiness and bliss as well as sorrow and despair. All of those worries about the future won’t stop bumps along the road from happening. My point is, see how you are now. If you’re scared that you won’t find your passion, try new things

I have always known that I wanted to help others when I grew up, but didn’t know how. I was absolutely sure that I wouldn’t have the stomach to be inside a hospital. Blood? No thanks, I thought. However, I have ended up working at an animal hospital, and have absolutely loved being there. Each day, I keep coming back.

I may still be unsure if my passion is fit for a specific job in my future, but at least I’ve gotten out there. I’ve tried. I’ve done something out of my comfort zone, and it’s opened me up to a new path of possibilities.


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