appreciate the unconditional love

appreciate the unconditional love

It’s easy to forget that there’s people who love you when you’re stuck inside a pit of despair, scratching the walls, desperate for a way out. It’s easy to only look up at the rest of the world and forget that you have people that have climbed down into that hole to be beside you.

The other day, it began to dawn on me that the people who love you don’t always blatantly say it. It’s not always said out loud. People can be just like animals in that way. My canine companion, Cooper, has never told me that he loves me and yet I know with every cell in my body that he cares for me above anyone else. When I’m alone in my corner, he licks my tears, probably because he likes tasting salt but maybe because he knows I’m upset. When I come home after a full day of work, he’s waiting. He can’t tell me that he missed me, but his tail wagging so fast it’s a blur, his constant barking and whining until I take him up in my arms, all tell me that he was lonely without me. When I leave, his sad eyes follow me through the glass door, watching me driving away from him. The worst part is that he never knows if I’m coming back for him.

People leave. It’s the obvious truth. Hard times hit. Tragedies occur, but you have to remember who’s living them with you. Who isn’t afraid to bring you ice cream when you fail a test. The people that put you in their priorities, not the ones that don’t even consider you one. I might be rambling, but my point is that people love you. Always. And unconditionally. And that’s pretty great.


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