People feel alone all the time. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing, though. Sure, I think it’s important to have friends and family that support you because obviously, it’s helpful. It helps. Our community, our world even, is focused on relationships, how we relate to each other, and how we feel when we’re together. That’s how people make decisions about the type of friends or lifelong partner they want; they look at how they feel when they’re with them.

Our relationships shape us, that’s why they’re so important to everyone. But our relationship with ourselves should have a place somewhere in there, too. Being able to help and support yourself is just as important, because then you have the confidence to do anything. I think that people that can’t function when they’re alone have a harder time believing in themselves because they’ve never given their self the chance to.

I feel alone all the time. I feel alone in my thoughts. When I’m on the courts, when I’m immersed in a novel, or when I’m completing a test, I actually am alone. And there’s no one but me that has control over how I handle that situation. That’s scary, to have all the control. But it’s something I have to learn how to handle. I’m trying to learn how to feel that way and be okay with it. By feeling isolated from time to time and working on that relationship with myself, then my relationship with my life and myself can get better.


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