Suppressing Femininity?

Suppressing Femininity?

Why is it that society suppresses the thought of a woman’s period? Am I not allowed to acknowledge something natural happening with my body? I think a woman should be able to say that she is on her period and hold a tampon or pad without ridicule. We should be able to say that we need to go buy any necessary period products and we most definitely should not feel embarrassing when purchasing feminine products in a store. Periods are something every woman has experienced and unless we want to take pills, it is unstoppable. Another thing: I understand PMS is a thing, however, please don’t assume every gal on her period is going to be overly crazy. So I’m not sorry that I bleed every couple of weeks and am open about it. Honestly, to be sorry about my period is completely ridiculous. I do feel sorry for anyone who gets uncomfortable about periods, a periodic occurrence for every woman.


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