Favorite Products

Favorite Products

Some of my favorite hair, makeup, and skin care products in spring 2016!
Lush’s Dream Cream: Vegan hand and body lotion that keeps my skin moisturized for the entire day.
Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment (in Petal): Matte lipstick that feels like a chapstick.
Fresh’s Lip Polish: Lip scrub that removes dead skin and creates a smooth lip.
Benefit’s Total Moisture Facial Cream: Facial moisturizer that works for an entire day.
Anastasia’s Brow Wiz (in soft brown): Eyebrow pencil and brush that spreads out the pencil.
Philosphy’s Purity: Face wash that removes makeup and keeps healthy skin glowing.
Skin food’s Foodtherapy Stick Perfume (energy berry): Solid perfume that smells AMAZING.
Drybar- Triple Sec Spray, Sea Salt Spray, & Curling Iron: My hair is ultra thick and never holds any curls for over an hour. I use the triple sec spray, curl my hair, reapply the triple sec spray, and then use the sea salt spray for curls that last about six hours and the process takes (at most) 15 minutes.
Lush’s R & B Hair Moisturizer: Hair conditioner to use on damp hair that creates healthy and soft hair.
Mac’s Warm Neutral Palette: Palette with neutral, metallic, and shimmery colors (90% sure this is only available at Nordstrom’s).


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