Sitting On A Straight Line


There are many decisions
we decide in our minds.
I feel torn between two sides,
the two sides of my straight line
with unknown pitfalls on either side.
I’m trying to make up my mind
on either danger or certainty.
I have yet to find the tokens
to shed light upon the game,
revealing where the pitfalls lie.
I wish there was a way
to win this game,
but I find it hard to win
when no one ever gave me any directions.
I am magnetized to the line,
despite my growing disinterest for it.
It even has pre-made my choices,
unless I choice to jump off
into the unknown.
The outcomes are like
a piece of paper stuck
in between two magnets,
yet the paper is neither
negatively or positively affecting them.
If I could venture
to another side or path,
while seeing where I’m going,
I would.
I can’t tell the two sides of the path
apart in the dim light.
They told me in time
I would understand it.
Well I’ve made all the time in the world,
but I still can’t seem to see the future.
There is never going to be
enough time.
I guess I’m stuck sitting
on this straight line,
picking away at time.


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