This is Reality

This is Reality

There’s a moment driving home
Roof down and windows too
Hair twisting in the wind
Sun radiating
Much too warmly for February
A breath, a laugh
Don’t they know this life is beautiful?

I wrote this poem because sometimes people (especially myself) get too caught up in going from one demanding task to the next without thinking in between. It can mess with people mentally if they feel like they can never take a breather in their lives. This in-between moment happened while driving home from school last week. It wasn’t a particularly important instant in my life, but it was one where I wasn’t worrying about the endless to-do list that is life. I remember leaning my head on my hand and then putting my hand out the window to feel the wind rushing by. It felt good to smile to myself for no other reason than that I was alive. Don’t forget to feel those in-between moments, because they’re a part of your life, too.


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