Journal from 9/10/15

Journal from 9/10/15

People don’t like change, especially when they know that everyone else isn’t. There are some people who like it and will see opportunities to change and develop. But most of the time people are content to sit still and wonder why their life isn’t changing when they do the exact same thing every day. I guess they like to hold onto their hope and they think that makes them a positive person but there will come a day when that flame is extinguished and they are left with nothing. I think in these writings I am attempting to understand my own mind but that’s impossible. I don’t know what makes me tick. I mean, I understand how my body actually works. I’m like those scientists who understand molecular structure but they don’t understand the complexities of the mind or how our brain determines our personality. I don’t understand my own mind. I don’t understand my thoughts, but I’m trying to. I like how Aristotle thought about and figured out how the outside world determines our own thoughts. Our subconscious computer figures out a lot I think. We just have to figure out how to get it to work the way we want. It’s like buying a computer and getting home and realizing you don’t have an instruction manual. But do I need an instruction manual in my life? I would probably ignore it anyways and do my own thing. Because who wants to be told what to do every second of every day? I’d like to stand by all my actions as my own. But do I really know if I’m doing things because I want to or because I have to?


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