I’m a person who likes to feel organized: in my schoolwork, in my relationships, and most of all, in my thoughts. It helps me feel better. It probably makes sense that this is why making lists calms me down or helps me see something I haven’t thought of before. This month, I challenge you to write a list. It can be anything, a to-do list, stuff to get from the grocery store, or ideas for birthday gifts. It will make you feel better to get it out of your head and onto paper, because then it makes it feel more real and you feel more capable of accomplishing it. Trust me, it works. But the real reason I’m telling you to write a list is because it’s what my friend told me to do when I was falling apart. She lives far away, but when I was going through a rough time, I called her, crying my eyes out and looking for guidance. She knew she couldn’t change the degrading thoughts I was having by just telling me. I had to believe it myself. So she challenged me to write a list. A list of all the things I love about myself. And I did. And the next day, she told me to write another list. One naming all my favorite things in the world, from feelings to sensory images to anything that makes me smile. I held up the two lists next to each other in front of my face. I couldn’t help but smile. She helped me realize that I was valuable all along, and so was the world. This is my message: don’t ever give up on yourself or the world. Deep down somewhere inside of you, you know your worth, and no one, not even yourself, can take that from you.


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