Favorite Moments

Favorite Moments
  1. waking up without a need to know the time
  2. getting lost in another world inside a book
  3. smiling with no apparent reason
  4. warm matcha green tea with coconut sugar
  5. soy candles that could almost smell like perfume
  6. drinking straight from the coconut
  7. reaching out your hand to hold someone else’s
  8. spending time with people below the age of 10
  9. hand-written thank you cards
  10. vegan pizza from z!
  11. sending out birthday party invitations
  12. smiling when wrapping a present because you know it’s something they’ll love
  13. giving little kids piggy back rides
  14. lacing up running shoes
  15. walking down the street with my mom with our yoga mats on our backs
  16. stimulating conversation without the distraction of a screen
  17. catching fireflies and then letting them go
  18. feeling proud of myself, because I don’t feel that enough
  19. singing along to the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar
  20. the song “the circle game” by joni mitchell, and the memories it reminds me
  21. thanking a teacher for a good lesson
  22. watching all of the harry potter movies
  23. warm pajama pants paired with fuzzy socks
  24. doing a good job on my nails without paying the salon
  25. the rush after hitting a tennis serve (it never gets old)
  26. performing
  27. taking off false eyelashes
  28. walking into a lush store and feeling overwhelmed by all the different scents
  29. riding on the handlebars of someone else’s bike
  30. standing up for what I believe in even if my voice shakes
  31. strong winds that push my hair behind me
  32. sleeping with a soft eye mask
  33. oil paints
  34. the mystery of disposable cameras
  35. unplugging for a week
  36. nice waiters/waitresses
  37. finding the courage to ask an adult what I really want to ask for
  38. clean counters after washing the dishes
  39. cruelty free makeup and beauty
  40. the buildup before kissing someone
  41. getting up early to see the sun rise
  42. “I will follow you into the dark” by death cab for cutie
  43. knowing I’ve worked hard
  44. trying to bike with my dog in my front basket (never worked out)
  45. the jolt of fear in my stomach during the free fall of a jump
  46. clean white bed sheets
  47. putting the clothes I no longer wear in the Good Will pile
  48. making dinner for my family all by myself
  49. picnics with a blanket on the grass or sand
  50. saying “i love you”

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