New Years Resolutions

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m quite happy with who I am; however, it could never hurt to make some improvements. This year I hope to jump into situations (hence the picture above- punny, I know). So if you want some inspiration or just want to hear your average girl’s goals for the next year, here you go:

  • Go completely vegetarian (that means absolutely no mess-ups!) for 32 days (4 weeks).
  • Get healthier! Achieve a better body- in order to do this you will need to cut down on sugary foods, eat mostly fruits/vegetables, drink lots of water, and workout more than just dance.
    • Workout six days a week for a month and see how you feel (or even better- make a blog at the end with transformative photos).
    • Reward: wear a form fitting dress to a social event and rock it.
  • Take better care of your skin. Try to do a face mask weekly and put on lotion everyday.
  • Take better care of yourself. When you get hurt, attend to the wound (that’s why you have so many scars, jeez). Also back to the previous point: eat healthier, don’t put bad food into your body.
  • Be honest with yourself. Don’t fake anything either. If you don’t like a situation, remove yourself as soon as possible.
  • Be cordial with everyone (even the people you hate), but please don’t be fake.
  • Present yourself better. Try to always wear a smile (and a little makeup wouldn’t hurt either).
  • Go to a dance convention.
  • Participate in at least two runs.
  • Read at least one book that is unrelated to school each month.
  • Choreograph at least one dance combination each month.
  • Go see more dance, theater, and music performances.
  • Enter competitions in any realm of interest.
  • Don’t lose touch with people who matter. Send an old photo or try facetiming them, they might be missing you too.

Try new things! Jump into the new year! You got this! ~Maddie


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