Christmas 2015

Today is Christmas Eve, and honestly, I have not been too enthusiastic going into this Christmas season (typically a more joyous time of year). I have relatives staying with me, which is quite crazy (mostly because their lifestyle differs largely from mine and I have few commonalities with them) and my grandma will not be spending Christmas with me. Both of these things have been seeming like huge problems. Generally, I have been pretty irritable for most of December because I have not gotten a sufficient amount of sleep, due to the end of the school semester. Today I hiked about five miles and it was absolutely beautiful. I was given time to think, as there were very few sounds to be heard. During this time I thought about my life and realized how ‘unChristmassy’ I feel. I tried listing the things I am thankful for. Since I’m Christian, I remembered that the reason we exchange gifts at Christmas is because God and Jesus gave us the best gift ever: our salvation. When I got to the top of the mountain, I saw lights and a sign on a tree. From the top of the hill, you could see a beautiful view and a ‘Merry Christmas’ sign. This made me really realize how thankful I am for the great life God has given me, and for the many blessings in that life. Even though many things may irritate or cause me to be unhappy, I have to remember how small they are in the big picture of my life. I also need to remember that if something as trivial as having chaotic relatives staying with me is my biggest problem, then my life is great.
Merry Christmas! (or happy holidays) ~Maddie


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