New Experiences

When you do something for the first time, the experience is always much different than it is the following times. Your heart might start to pound or your mind might start to race through what seems like a million thoughts each second. A year ago you may have said, “I will never do that”, very passionately and aggressively. Maybe a month ago you said, “that relationship will never happen” and then you burst out laughing. Contrary to what you may have said, some part of you knew what you really wanted and took a leap of faith. Doing something for the first time and experiencing a new experience are a huge achievements. If you’re regretting that decision now, stop. Life is made up of learning experiences (good and bad); without these experiences you would regret never stepping outside of your comfort zone. Keep on following your heart to new places, people, & experiences as the new year approaches! Hopefully once again the day is saved…


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