Food For Thought: Hard Work

Food For Thought: Hard Work

Right now I’m sitting in my bed with sweatpants, a ‘Color Run’ t-shirt, and bright yellow fuzzy socks. It’s 2 a.m. and this is what I’m going to be wearing tomorrow. Before you tell me to go to bed, which I will after I post this, I have something important to share. Think about all the time you spend at school, working away at school, and worrying about school. Why do we do it? The simple answer is that we care about our future so much we will go to any lengths to make it as perfect as we possibly can. On days like this, where I have a little under 4 hours until I must call it a new day, I realize that caring about my future this much means something. Hard workers will not be thrown away. All the hard workers I know and here about make the best out of a situation, so they are therefore happy. Like the great queen B (aka BeyoncĂ©) said, “my aspiration in life is to be happy”. Work hard, but don’t over work yourself (yes, I am aware this is the part 2 to what Hannah recently said). Just remember that you can’t always get the perfect score on your tests, and as long as you tried your best- that’s completely okay. Stay in school kids!

Sleep tight people of the internet ~Maddie
P.S. It’s okay to take a few study breaks and answer some snapchats


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