A Letter to Myself, written 9/26/15

Dear me,

I’m wondering how you’re doing right now. I can imagine you, sitting in a armchair with your legs folded up and crossed, close to your chest. Maybe you’re looking out the window at your new backyard filled with sunflowers and rosemary and maybe some bright new spring blooms, if it’s that time of year yet. Maybe you’re seventeen years old and just about to pick that textbook again, or twenty-five and taking a deep breath before opening up the doors to your new apartment in the city that you finally earned. Maybe you’re fifty and putting down a novel that you’ve most likely read before and stroking the head of your dog, perched patiently next to you. Whatever day and age, I hope you’ll feel proud of yourself. I hope you won’t forget all the ordeals that felt like the world was ending at the time, but that you survived and learned from them. I would say “I hope,” but I know that you will still take the time to remind yourself what you believe in. For our whole life so far, we have always voiced our opinions and not let the thoughts of others oppress our own; now you can use that stubbornness to make a difference. I hope you still have the courage to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you live like everyone else. It took you a while at first, but I hope for the rest of your life you continue to practice compassion. Make the decision to change the world for the better each and every day and the better world you dream about will become a reality. I am so proud of you. Now, go enjoy it.

xo, Hannah


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